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Subject: Re: [ubl] Reminder: UBL TC closing plenary at 11:00 in Kars

Hello Andrea,

A generic UBL presentation has been available for some time in the
UBL document repository; see


This contains most of the slides you're requesting.

It is time to revise the presentation, so I'd be interested to know
whether you think that an updated version of the one I posted in
February is appropriate for the use you have in mind.


Andrea Caccia wrote:
Dear Jon,
unfortunately I was not able to attend the losing meeting. A proposal I'd liked to make is that your presentation at the plenary opening could be very useful to promote the work done with UBL by this TC to the outside but, of course, deleting meeting specific slides and text, i.e.:
- delete the reference to the plenary from slide 1
- delete slide 2
- delete 3rd bullet on page 15 and possibly update it to take into account any progress/decision during the plenary
- delete slides 17 … END
- possibly add any interesting update that come out during the plenary

It can be then possibly referenced in the public TC page and I can circulate it to some parties that can be interested.


Il giorno 22/set/2011, alle ore 15:59, Jon Bosak ha scritto:

Hello UBL TC,

Just a reminder (announced in the minutes of the opening plenary) that
we will be meeting today at 11:00 in Kars (17:00 in Geneva) -- that is,
in about an hour -- for the closing plenary.  We will be using the usual
TC call bridge:

  Skype: +9900827043982678
  US/Canada toll-free: 1-888-350-0075
  International: 201-793-9022
  Conference Room Number (aka PIN): 3982678 then #
     (this applies only if dialing in)

The agenda includes:

  Governance of UBL after 2.1
     NDR Team
     UBL 2.1 documentation
     OASIS DocBook template revision
  Work schedule for 2.1
  Meeting schedule for 2012
  Recognition of our hosts in Kars

Jon Bosak

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