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Subject: RE: [ubl] NDR suggestions for spreadsheet specification

Hi Ken,

I welcome your two proposals. Great!

    Juerg Tschumperlin
    Data Management Solutions, New Zealand

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> From: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:ubl@lists.oasis-open.org] On Behalf
> Of G. Ken Holman
> Sent: Thursday, 27 October 2011 4:15 a.m.
> To: Universal Business Language
> Subject: [ubl] NDR suggestions for spreadsheet specification
> Fellow NDR team members,
> In working with the spreadsheet to schema code in order to create the Q/A
> schemas to validate the schemas put out by eDoCreator, I've thought of a
> couple of improvements to the spreadsheet specification that I think will
> make the spreadsheets more generic and useful to other non-UBL project
> teams.
> (1) - the model name (e.g. "UBL-Invoice-2.1") is currently in the filename
> but not in the spreadsheet itself, thus when looking in the spreadsheet
> data contents, there is no way to extract the model name
>   - currently the spreadsheet tab title is the same as the document ABIE
> (e.g. "Invoice"), or the word "Common" for the common library, which is
> redundant and doesn't tell us which version or revision of the model is
> being used
>   - I'm proposing that the spreadsheet tab title be the model name, which
> in UBL is the same as the filename
>   - this will help when there are, say, two invoice models for two
> different contexts (one being a subset of the other) ... the filenames are
> different, but the spreadsheet tab titles are currently the same ... they
> would be different
>   - this will also help when, say, one spreadsheet has two worksheets of
> different versions of the Invoice document model ... the tab titles will
> distinguish the two worksheets
>   - this will again help when emitting the genericode contents of the
> spreadsheet, especially when one spreadsheet has multiple tabs of all of
> the document models for a project (something we don't do in UBL)
> (2) - the spreadsheet columns are based on 11179 and CCTS 2.01
>   - there is only a single column title with "UBL" in it, that being the
> first column "UBL Name"
>   - this would be incongruous with other non-UBL projects using the
> spreadsheets we specify in the UBL NDR
>   - I've coded the schema generator to simultaneously recognize either
> Name" or "Component Name" as the title of the first column
>   - if we allowed this in the UBL NDR then non-UBL users would be able to
> conform to the NDR requirements and not have the word "UBL"
> in their spreadsheet column titles
> I hope these are acceptable.
> . . . . . . . . . . Ken
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