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Subject: TC calls cancelled this week

Hello UBL TC,

Due to the absence of several UBL TC members this week, I am cancelling
our TC meetings scheduled for 29 and 30 May.  We have already cancelled
meetings for the week after that (4 and 5 June) due to travel plans by
several members already in place.

Lest you think that we will not be working during this time, however, I
hasten to assure everyone that productive work will be in plentiful
supply for all the content contributors to 2.1.  A preliminary editorial
review of all the definitions in 2.1 maindoc is nearing completion, and
there are many points of semantic clarification to discuss in
subcommittees and subcommittee content teams.  If all goes as expected,
I will be communicating further with PSC and TSC in a few days to get
this review process started.


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