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Subject: Missing repair for PRD3?

I've just accidentally found that an identified issue that fell through the cracks has not yet been addressed.

A duplicate document ABIE definition was identified by a user and commented on in http://ubl.xml.org as I indicated to the PSC:


The duplicate definition remains in the PRD3 package and was not addressed when it should have been. Please note the definitions for "Inventory Report" and "Stock Availability Report":


   A report on the quantities of each item that are, or will be, in stock.


   A report of the quantities of each item that are or will be in stock.

The distinction between these two document types is found in the roles of the submitter and receiver (this can be seen in the links above). But would users go so far to check that? If they are only looking at the document model or the definition in the schema, there is no way to distinguish the two documents.

In order to prevent confusion from users who do not think to look at the submitter and receiver roles in the UBL hub document, should we distinguish the two definitions in the data model? I would think many users would come to the same quick conclusion the original poster did that the definitions are duplicated in some kind of error. I, too, needed the guidance to understand the difference (I think it was Kees who illuminated the difference for me).

I'll add this to this week's agenda. But does anyone have a comment to make before the teleconferences? Any suggestions for replacement definitions.

. . . . . . . . . Ken

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