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Subject: Re: [ubl] URGENT - inconsistent name components found in latest additions

Agree with you Ken

El 13/05/2013, a las 16:39, G. Ken Holman escribió:

> Folks, in my work today I ran a new test and I found an inconsistency in our latest additions to the model.
> The new "TenderEnvelopeID" as different qualifications in two uses:
>  Tender Preparation. Tender_ Envelope Identifier. Identifier
>  Tendered Project. Tender Envelope Identifier. Identifier
> And the new "TenderEnvelopeTypeCode" has the same inconsistent qualifications:
>  Tender Preparation. Tender_ Envelope Type Code. Code
>  Tendered Project. Tender Envelope Type Code. Code
> Usually in our model when the same BBIE is in two different ABIEs, they are qualified in the same manner.  These are inconsistent.
> If it were left to me, I would say the possessive nouns are (respectively) "Tender Envelope" and "Tender Envelope Type" as I'm guessing (but I don't know) that a "Tender Envelope" is not just another kind of envelope but is something that people recognize as a noun.  Since it isn't just another kind of envelope, it should not be qualified as a "Tender_ Envelope" but should be as it is known as a "Tender Envelope".
> I will proceed that way unless someone quickly corrects me.
> Thank you for your guidance on this.
> . . . . . . . . Ken
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