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Subject: Fwd: [ubl-dev] Communication to a warehousing party

I think this discussion belongs on the UBL list so am copying it here.

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Duvekot, Kees" <kduvekot@Wehkamp.nl>
Date: 19 February 2014 8:29:27 PM AWST
Subject: [ubl-dev] Communication to a warehousing party

I would like to start the discussion on how we can implement UBL documents in the communication to a warehousing party.
Imagine the following example:
OnlineRetail Inc is running a online webshop where customer can order goods.
Because OnlineRetail Inc only wants to concentrate on running the webshop they have outsourced all their warehousing activities to Warehousing Inc.
So all orders from OnlineRetail Inc will state that the goods need to be delivered to Warehousing Inc.
Warehousing Inc will receive all the shipments from the various suppliers of OnlineRetail Inc, process the receipt and store the goods in their warehouse.
When OnlineRetail Inc makes a sale to a customer they will ask Warehousing Inc to collect the goods from their warehouse, package it and make it available for Transportation Inc to be picked up for delivery to the end customer.
So now the question is:
Which UBL documents would be needed/are used in this scenario.
I would like to start with the incoming goods side and when we have consensus about that work towards the outgoing side.
So this incoming goods scenario would raise a couple of questions straight away.
How should OnlineRetail Inc inform Warehousing Inc that they are going to receive goods from Supllier Inc?
Simply forwarding the Order is not correct, because it contains information that is not relevant, or even not intended, for Warehousing Inc. (Think about sensitive pricing information)
Also what kind of information should be send to Warehousing Inc? Should we include details on what we expect them to do when they receive the goods (inspect them, check them for completeness etc etc)
Who are the receipients of the DespatchAdvice from Supplier Inc?
                Is that only OnlineRetail Inc? If that is the case then OnlineRetail Inc should forward the relevant details from the DespatchAdvice towards Warehousing Inc. So how should they do that?
                Will Warehousing Inc also receive this DespatchAdvice? How does Supplier Inc know this?
How does Supplier Inc know the DeliveryCustomerParty details that can be included in the DespatchAdvice?
when Supplier Inc is sending the goods from their own warehouse they can issue a DespatchAdvice informing that the goods are on route to the requested delivery location on the related order. If you look in the DespatchAdvice document there is a “DeliveryCustomerParty” which, from the documentation, should hold the party information where the goods will be delivered.  They only received a delivery location/address, there is no DeliveryCustomerParty element in the Order UBL Document.
Who are the receiptients of the ReceiptAdvice from Warehousing Inc?
                Where should it be send to? Directly to all involved? Or only to Supplier Inc as the “owner” of the received goods?
And in all this we really also should included what needs to happen if Transport Inc get’s involved to transport the goods from Suppliers Inc warehouse to Warehousing Inc’s warehouse. So then we need to work together with the PSC and TSC to bring this further.
So can we come up with a worked out example for this and see where we might be missing documents, information and other things.
So this is to start an discussion on how to extend UBL, or clarify how UBL could be used in such an setting.
Kees Duvekot


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