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Subject: Proposed disposition of UBL 2.1 JSON v1.0 public review

Fellow UBL TC members,

Based on our agreement at today's teleconference to proceed with the disposition of the comments received during the public review of UBL 2.1 JSON v1.0, I have prepared the following documents for our agenda for next week:

Proposed disposition of comments:


Committee Note Draft 02 / Working Draft 01, dated today, to vote on April 12:


Putative Committee Note Draft 02, dated April 12, for TC Admin to mount assuming it is accepted:


I have updated the two JIRA tickets that were created, one from the public review and one from committee work.

Please review these documents and suggest any changes to be made before the meeting so that we can vote during the meeting.

Thank you!

. . . . . . . . Ken

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