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Subject: Statement of Use

Dear UBL TC,

JAVEST has developed e-Business Writer, a business-oriented solution for creating and validating XML instances using a Web-based UI.

OASIS UBL 2.x is the primary and default XML dialect provided along with the solution.

The UI is generated on-the-fly from UBL normative W3C XML Schemas and can be customized using a decoupled XML descriptor.
Code list support is also based on the OASIS Context/value association using Genericode 1.0 methodology.

All the new UBL 2.2 document models have been successfully tested.

This is our statement of use:

"JAVEST (Italy) has been successfully using the UBL 2.2 Committee Specification 01, as approved and published by OASIS on March 22, 2018 in accordance with the mandatory conformance clauses specified therein and OASIS policy."


Best regards

Roberto Cisternino
e-Business Consultant, JAVEST by Roberto Cisternino

OASIS Member | UBL ITLSC, Chair |

roberto.cisternino@javest.com http://www.javest.com |
Mobile:  +39 328 2148123 | Skype: roberto.cisternino.ubl-itlsc | Via Europa 33/F 19020 Follo, La Spezia, Italy

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