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Subject: Announcement: Latest release of UDDI Browser available


The UDDI Browser is an open-source project that provides a 
friendly user interface allowing users to browse and 
manipulate content in UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery 
and Integration) registries.  It is fully compliant with and 
supports the entire UDDI specification with regard to the 
querying and updating of data in UDDI.

This version release if the first release which has has this 
complete lifecycle support for UDDI entities.  Other notable 
items in this release are as follows:

 * A Query Manager, that allows queries to be edited, saved and 
   executed quickly in a single area.
 * My UDDI support. This allows you to combine queries to 
   collectively form items you own or are interested in. You can 
   get at all your items with just a single mouse-click.
 * UDDI registry summary retrieval. UDDI node owners can use this 
   facility to quickly retrieve a summary of your objects being 
   managed by your UDDI registry.
 * UDDI registry "quick format". This allows owners of UDDI 
   registries to remove the whole content of their registry with 
   just one step.

Please go to http://www.uddibrowser.org for release notes and 
download details.


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