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Subject: Re: [uddi-dev] ebXML registry and UDDI comparisons

At 07:12 PM 2005-06-23, Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>Do you really believe in your heart that the betamax analogy applies.

The analogy was intended to be about feature set or technical specs.  It 
was recognized that Betamax offered better video performance than VHS.  By 
analogy, ebRIM has the features you have mentioned, such as, taxonomy 
values (ClassificationNode) as 1st class registry objects, versionInfo, and 
federation.  UDDI does not have these features, but COTS implementations of 
UDDI came to market sooner than ebReg (as far as I can tell, I'm sure you 
will correct me ;-)

[1]  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betamax

Looks like licensing [1] may have been the downfall of Betamax, which does 
not apply as UDDI and ebReg are OASIS standards.

Maybe a better analogy is

ebReg = DVD-R

I did not mean to imply that ebReg is dead technology; I was really 
thinking more of the feature set or technical comparison analogy than 
market success/failure.

Another perspective:
As [1] discusses (legacy of betamax), Sony's Betacam (derived from Betamax) 
succeeded in professional television production, whereas the VHS derivative 
(M, MII) failed.

I think it is a matter of perspective.  I have followed UDDI more than 
ebXML, so I tend to see more of UDDI than ebXML.  Your perspective is the 
opposite, you see a lot of ebXML and not as much UDDI.


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