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Subject: Mapping Service

Hi all,

I looked for in some places, but I did not find a document that helped me.

I have the following information (in XML document) on a service and would like mapping in uddi. Only that not yet I found no project to make.
<nmwg:message type="RegisterRequest"

<!-- Metadata is service info that other people can contact you with, it will
be listed in the LS this way. -->

<nmwg:metadata id="meta1">
<perfsonar:subject id="sub1">
<psservice:service id="UDelMA1">
<psservice:serviceName>UDel MA-1</psservice:serviceName>
<psservice:serviceDescription>UDel USA</psservice:serviceDescription>

<!-- Data is all of the capabilities (interfaces) you are monitoring, in the
form of metadata blocks. It is neccessary to wrap these in data blocks
because they are measurement metadata (not service metadata) -->

<nmwg:data id="data1" metadataIdRef="meta1">
<nmwg:metadata id="meta2">
<netutil:subject id="sub2">
<nmwgt:ipAddress type="ipv4">xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx</nmwgt:ipAddress>
<nmwgt:ifAddress type="ipv4">xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx</nmwgt:ifAddress>
<nmwg:parameters id="paramid1">
<nmwg:parameter name="valueUnits">octets</nmwg:parameter>


The problem is that this message contains many information of one service and I am not understanding as to mapping these additional information in the UDDI (Interface, ifAdress, ifName...).

Best Regards.

Herbert Monteiro Souza
E-mail alternativo: hmsouza@pop.com.br
Cel.: 55 (71) 88029549
Tel. Com.: 55 (71)3300179

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