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Subject: Re: [uddi-dev] Mapping Service

Herbert Souza wrote:
> Hi all,
> I looked for in some places, but I did not find a document that helped me.
> I have the following information (in XML document) on a service and 
> would like mapping in uddi. Only that not yet I found no project to make.
> <nmwg:message type="RegisterRequest"
>               id="msg1" 
>               xmlns:perfsonar="http://teste.test";>
>   <!-- Metadata is service info that other people can contact you with, it will
>        be listed in the LS this way. -->     
>   <nmwg:metadata id="meta1">
>     <perfsonar:subject id="sub1">
>       <psservice:service id="UDelMA1">
>         <psservice:serviceName>UDel MA-1</psservice:serviceName>
>         <psservice:accessPoint>http://stouel.edu:8080/services/RRDMA</psservice:accessPoint>       
>  <psservice:serviceType>MA</psservice:serviceType>
>         <psservice:serviceDescription>UDel 
>  USA</psservice:serviceDescription>
>       </psservice:service>
>     </perfsonar:subject>  
>   </nmwg:metadata>   
>   <!-- Data is all of the capabilities (interfaces) you are monitoring, in the
>        form of metadata blocks.  It is neccessary to wrap these in data blocks
>        because they are measurement metadata (not service metadata)  -->        
>   <nmwg:data id="data1" metadataIdRef="meta1">
>     <nmwg:metadata id="meta2">
>       <netutil:subject id="sub2">
>         <nmwgt:interface>
>           <nmwgt:ipAddress type="ipv4">xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx</nmwgt:ipAddress>
>           <nmwgt:hostName>udel.edu</nmwgt:hostName>
>           <nmwgt:ifName>eth0</nmwgt:ifName>
>           <nmwgt:ifDescription>gigE</nmwgt:ifDescription>
>           <nmwgt:ifAddress type="ipv4">xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx</nmwgt:ifAddress>
>  <nmwgt:type>gigE</nmwgt:type>
>         </nmwgt:interface>
>       </netutil:subject>          
>       <nmwg:eventType>interface.utilization</nmwg:eventType>
>       <nmwg:parameters id="paramid1">
>         <nmwg:parameter name="valueUnits">octets</nmwg:parameter>
>       </nmwg:parameters>           
>     </nmwg:metadata>
>   </nmwg:data>   
> The problem is that this message contains many information of one 
> service and I am not understanding as to mapping these additional 
> information in the UDDI (Interface, ifAdress, ifName...).
If you are willing to consider and ebXML Registry then this is easily 
done in an ebXML Registry using Slot instances composed within a 
RegistryObject instance.
You can essentially add any attribute to any object in the registry.

For a gentle intro to ebXML Registry see:

Best of luck.


fn:Farrukh Najmi

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