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Subject: [uddi-spec] RE: UDDI services which support Data Sharing

> I have put together a list of various registry services which are needed
> to support eBusiness data sharing. I have tried to indicate the services
> the UDDI V3 specification offered to this data sharing concept from
> looking through the 411 pages of your lengthy spec with this goal in mind.
> I am trying to get a better understanding what services are provided. I
> would appreciate getting feedback from you on this list. Please review and
> send corrections to me where your specification addresses the specified
> functionality.
>  <<UDDI-func-020911.doc>> 
> Definitions:
> *	Information Assets are the resources which are used to support
> application processing.
> *	Interface Events are triggers that occuring in a collaboration data
> sharing exchange which kicks off some activity. Not registry events.
> *	Resource/Service Dependencies are a form of subscription where
> external people indicate they are using service or information asset to
> support some collaboration interchange (data sharing) process.
> *	Services are some performance of a task per the Web Service type
> specifications or applications.
> *	Namespaces are URIs which are used for identification to support
> some kind of processing. It is a resource which may have other information
> assets which provide information about it to support processing. For
> example, a resource file for a web service is a WDSL file.
> Christina Portillo
> Advanced Computing Technologist
> Data Management Services - Architecture & eBusiness
> The Boeing Company               Phone: 206-544-7474
> PO Box 3707   M/S 2R-91        Fax:     206- 544-5889
> Seattle, WA  98124-2207                christina.portillo@boeing.com
> -----------------------
> xml.web.boeing.com
> xml.ca.boeing.com
> ebusiness on the web = XML + JAVA + Web + Controlled Vocabularies

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