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Subject: RE: [uddi-spec] Comments on future intentions for V3

> Hi Matthew - sorry you couldn't make the meeting.


> New features 
> though (like the juicy list we came up with whilst 
> brainstorming during yesterday's FTF - whichy should come out 
> in the minutes soon) are all candidates for a UDDI V4 as well as Best
> Practices/Technical Notes where applicable, NOT as changes to 
> V3. 

There were a couple of new features/BP/TN's I wanted to raise based on
comments I made back in June and have been wondering about drafting a
TN/BP proposal for 


A) handling different semantics for matching keyReferences beyond those
specified in the spec (i.e.
  ... a match occurs if and only if 
    1) the tModelKeys refer to the same tModel and 
    2) the keyValues are identical. The keyNames are not significant.

   Basically this would allow a keyReference to behave as a vector
rather than a set of scalar values
   Two ways might be possible - either the tModel can override these
semantics or search qualifier might override these

B) a search qualifier for synonym matches (and related resolution
WebServices and tModels)

Both of these were thought to involve too much feature creep and/or open
too many issues to be considered in order to be in v3.

If neither of these are on the juicy list, can I propose to add them? If
they are, I'd be happy to participate in fleshing these out.


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