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Subject: Re: [uddi-spec] another issue with WSDLDeployment in current TN

Title: another issue with WSDLDeployment in current TN
Are you talking about wsdlDeployment as a categorization value from the uddi.org:categorization:types scheme, or wsdlDeployment as a useType value on accessPoint?
I can imagine that wsdlDeployment as a categorization might have been intended for the use you describe, but that is not at all clear from the published V3 spec.
I think it is quite clear that wsdlDeployment as a useType value on accessPoint is meant only as a level of indirection for the endpoint, and that is the use of wsdlDeployment that we need to focus on.  Section B.1.2 says
'Instead of directly providing the network address in the accessPoint, it is occasionally useful or
necessary to provide this information through indirect means. One common scenario for such
a behavior is when the accessPoint is embedded within a WSDL file. In such a scenario, the
UDDI accessPoint contains the address of the WSDL file, and the client then must retrieve the
WSDL file and extract the end point address from the WSDL file itself.
In this case, decorating the UDDI accessPoint with a useType="wsdlDeployment" is
I think this is quite clear that the only thing of relevance in the WSDL file is the end point address and it does not imply anything about whether there are any tModels for the reusable parts of the WSDL etc.
I must admit that I sneaked in the categorization as well in the last update I sent but that was because the example in the spec. added it when the accessPoint was used.  If it is the categorization that is causing the confusion then we can remove that, but I think the V3 spec. needs to be clarified as they currently use it in the way that I did.
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Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 7:15 PM
Subject: [uddi-spec] another issue with WSDLDeployment in current TN

Another issue with the wsdlDeployment in the current TN is that it was introduced in v3 to address the case when the WSDL information was decided not meant for reuse, a one-off, service.  As such, the thinking was that there would be no tModel modeled and it would be a simple way to publish web services.  However, the tn for both v2 and v3 assume that all the tModel modeling occurs along with the wsdlDeployment decoration.  I fear that we are moving away from the initial design goal.



Karsten Januszewski

Program Manager, UDDI and Web Services

Microsoft Corporation

Phone: 425.707.5818

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