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Subject: RE: [uddi-spec] Updated Agenda for 2/11-12 FTF - taxonomies

> On the other hand the situation is ridiculous. There are two customers
> (both
> are governments, not just government agencies - federal level) who
need a
> registry of their information artifacts and I'd prefer to use UDDI for
> them
> rather than ebXML Reg/Rep, but I can't !!! They want it now. Well,
> a
> few months.


I think the direction we should take is as follows:

i) look at a way of allowing UDDI to reference an external taxonomy
description using an externally defined taxonomy description language
(e.g. OWL, TopicMaps etc.) This future proofs us from developments in
this field and allows people to choose the schema as applicable.

ii) include a non-normative "lite" taxonomy description schema (as an
appendix) along the lines you propose which can be used right now.

As regards (i) I see two approaches

a) Use the discoveryURL to link to the external description. I would
suggest that description element be used to indicate the schema used by
the external description. In UDDI v3 multiple overviewDocs could be used
to give the description in different schemas. This does has the problem
that the description may be large and inefficient to pull down on a
regular basis.

b) Use a tModel tuplet to indicate a WebService providing an external
taxonomy service. The tuplet would consist of

a defined tModel key meaning external Taxonomy service
the tModel key of the taxonomy concerned
a tModel key for an taxonomy navigation API

We could include a tModel key for an elementary taxonomy navigation API
which is in effect simply a webservice which just returns the external
description ala the discoveryURL mechanism. If this tModel key is used
the tModelInstanceDetails would include a reference to the schema and
the url of the description in the overviewDoc exactly as in (a) [i.e. in
(a) we use the overviewDoc of the tModel in (b) we use the overviewDoc
of the tModelInstance!)

This would allow richer taxonomy API's (which are being developed but
are in just as formative a state as the description schemas at present)
to be incorporated into UDDI.

These approaches aren't mutually exclusive.


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