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Subject: RE: [uddi-spec] Updated Agenda for 2/11-12 FTF - taxonomies

> I just started looking at RSS autodiscovery [1] and came across RSS
> taxonomy [2].
> [1]
> ml
> [2] http://web.resource.org/rss/1.0/modules/taxonomy/

Interesting - it looks a little too light weight, and seems at first
site seems to be more of a container for a taxonomy schema than a
taxonomy schema. I'm sure it could be adapted. I know one of the
authors, so will contact him over how well (or not) and how this is used
(it hasn't moved much since 2001 though...)

> Systinet has a schema for uploading taxonomies to WASP UDDI.  [3]
> Microsoft also has a similar capability [4].

Thanks - I'd forgotten these! Both of these are, I believe, proprietary
formats (and not that well documented beyond their existence as far as I
can tell) for loading the catagories into the UDDI registry. This could
well be used in the context of Max's proposal, although I'm still a
little concerned about scalability of just pointing to a large XML
document for the taxonomy, though.

It occurred to me that a standard format for importing and exporting
categories to/from UDDI would be useful even outside this technote. I
had a quick look through the V3 spec.s pertaining to Inter-Node
operation (Ch 7) and note that there is nothing in their about how nodes
would synchronise their taxonomies (unless I've missed it) - is this
deemed out of scope or perhaps a V4 feature?

There may be similar issues when records are being moved between
different registries (Ch 8).


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