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uddi-spec message

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Subject: Transport and protocol tModels

We (Systinet in the context of a project) have reason to want to map a service as communicating over IBM MQ and using XML (i.e. XML/MQ vs SOAP/HTTP vs SOAP/TCP). We’re about to define tModels for this but I wanted to know whether there would be interest in coming up with a list of transports and protocols that supplements those we identified in the v3 spec and the WSDL-UDDI TN.


I’d be happy to collect these and write a TN. Doing so would greatly cut down on duplicative definitions. Please let me know your thoughts and transports/protocols you’d like considered.




Luc Clément | Senior Program Manager | Systinet Corporation |

One van de Graaff Drive Burlington, MA 01803

Phone +1 781.362.1330 | Mobile +1 978.793.2162 | Fax +1 781.362.1400 |


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