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Subject: Statement of use from UC Denver

Let me know if this is not adequate:

The University of Colorado Denver is using the UIMA CAS and UIMA Type System specifications and XML schemas in accordance with the conformance clauses specified in the Unstructured Information Management Architecture 1.0 specification. Our use is based on the Apache UIMA open source implementation. We have integrated components developed on-site with those from the Jena University Language & Information Engineering (JULIE) Lab and the Tsujii Lab U-compare site (http://u-compare.org).

Karin Verspoor, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Center for Computational Pharmacology, University of Colorado Denver
PO Box 6511, MS 8303, Aurora, CO 80045 USA
karin.verspoor@ucdenver.edu / tel: (720) 279-4875 / campus: 4-3758

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