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Subject: [PATCH 00/18] Feedback: conformance clauses and normative statements.

Hi all,

        We are supposed to have real conformance clauses, which
are supposed to refer to the normative requirements of the text.  So I
started trying to identify them, and I ended up with quite a large
patchset which separates the explanatory from normative sections.

(I haven't done SCSI yet, but I wanted to get this out today).

I will work more on these.  In particular, it labels all the normative
requirements but I want to put each in their own sub(subsub) section
for clarity and easy reference.

I think the final result is clearer, but I appreciate comments.

	https://github.com/rustyrussell/virtio-wip feedback


Rusty Russell (18):
  Feedback: Bug TAB-553
  Feedback: move new device design section to Appendix.
  Feedback: use proper list in introduction.
  Feedback: add old draft to normative references.
  Feedback: hoist the one legacy-related requirement out of legacy
  Feedback: move legacy/transitional definitions into terminology.
  Feedback: 2.1 Device Status field: Separate description from
  Feedback: add normative marker.
  Feedback: split Basic Facilities feature bits and config space into
  Feedback: Normative split in Basic Facilities of a Virtio Device /
  Feedback: Normative split for Basic Facilities of a Virtio Device /
    Virtqueues / Message Framing
  Feedback: Separate the rest of chapter 2 into normative vs
  PCI: Separate explanatory and normative text.
  MMIO: Separate normative and descriptive text.
  CCW: Separate normative and descriptive sections.
  Feedback: net: separate normative and instructional text.
  block: separate normative and descriptive text.
  Feedback: console & entropy: separate normative and descriptive texts.

 commands.tex     |    4 +
 content.tex      | 1515 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------
 headerfile.tex   |    8 +
 introduction.tex |   47 +-
 main.tex         |    4 +
 newdevice.tex    |   66 +++
 6 files changed, 1020 insertions(+), 624 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 headerfile.tex
 create mode 100644 newdevice.tex


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