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Subject: Re: [virtio-dev] RFC: Doorbell suppression, packed-ring mode and hardware offload

Maybe we should use a flag in event suppression structure.
This way device can switch between being notification driven
and being driven by index reads.
On first thought it seems hard to avoid races: On receiving a doorbell the
device wishes to transition from doorbells to polling, so driver->avail_idx
currently has an old value; device writes device->flags; a little later
device reads driver->avail_idx. It might have a new value written by the
driver, or an old value...the device can't tell. Needs more thought.
I would say device writes flags and then reads the descriptor
ring. This is exactly the same sequence that needs to happen
when enabling driver notifications.

Yes fair enough. I was trying to allow a device that never has to read descriptors speculatively, but such a device can always have the avail_idx update flag enabled permanently.

David Riddoch  <driddoch@solarflare.com> -- Chief Architect, Solarflare

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