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Subject: OASIS Board - only a few hours to vote - support Gershon

OASIS is distinguished by its open election process, its members participation and its quality of leadership.

Your perspective and vote are important!

The OASIS Board election closes this Wednesday @ 9 PM EDT. 

Vote at https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/voting/ballot.php?id=2939
Not sure who to vote for?

Consider voting for me, Gershon Janssen

Instead of new promises, I'd like to back my previous election promises with concrete examples of my commitment to OASIS. This is what I have accomplished in my current term:

…kept detailed executive and public minutes of all Board proceedings as Board Secretary

…as liaison to the Internet Technical Advisory Committee to OECD helped revise its Security and Privacy guidelines and provided visibility of OASIS and its standards at high-level meetings such as the recent OECD Ministerial in Cancun on the Digital Economy

…advocated for OASIS in the EU Multi Stakeholder Platform through providing inputs to analysis of OASIS standards, both on behalf of OASIS and EU member countries

…supported business development by bringing both new members and new exciting work to OASIS

…did outreach for the consortium and its standards on numerous occasions by speaking at conferences, participating in panels and speaking to the press throughout Europe

…connected organizations whom I work with in my consulting practice to relevant OASIS standards, specifications and their technical committees

...and participated actively in various technical committees, both as member as well as secretary. I like to experience what it is to work within TCs, under the OASIS processes and tools, knowing first-hand what all members experience

I dedicated up to 35% of my time to OASIS management, liaison, business development and outreach activities in the past years. As such I can honestly state that OASIS' business is an important part of my daily work.

I'm happy to continue that work for the benefit of the OASIS community!

I would be honored if you cast one of your ballots for me. 

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Gershon Janssen

Independent Consultant
E-mail: gershon@qroot.com

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