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Subject: This Thursdays meeting postponed until next Thursday - PLEASE READ THIS MAIL

I am unable to make this Thursdays meeting and quite frankly a little behind with merging the thesaurus with the meta-data of WAS Core. 

Rogan Dawes is creating a WAS execution engine in Java which will initially use the executeable portion of VulnXML so that we can collectively look at use cases that the current VulnXML does not cater for and design WAS accordingly. Rogan was aiming to have this at least in a demonstratable form this week but I am sure he will appreciate the gift of time as well. 

Therefore next Thursdays meeting will be an important meeting for us and I would like to give everyone as much notice as possible and encourage you all to attend.

I will send out an updated agenda and we will circulate code on Monday 13th to that people have time to look over it before the meeting.



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