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Subject: Re: [wemi] WEMI Questions Document

Hello Martin, I think you did a great job of summing up our design principles for the design spec, I have nothing to add there, but maybe we should keep a copy of these somewhere ?

Maybe it's a good thing to also write down a bit of the design philosophy/principles for version 1.0 of the WEMI spec, or i? I can imagine something like this (I think most of them from consenus in the group?:
  • We strive for the KISS principle
  • We try to design as simple as possible, but not simpler than that
  • Implementation of a WEMI consumer should be not too hard
  • Implementation of a simple WEMI consumer should be really easy and straightforward for a relatively inexperienced developer
  • We try to build an simple 1.0 version of the standard instead of trying to cram every usecase on earth in it
  • We try to provide use cases for most of the spec features
  • We introduce extensibility only when we decide that there are too many strong use cases that are too complex to have in a 1.0 version of the standard, but we want to support them anyway.
  • We try to create examples, proof of concepts and implementations as soon as possible to progress our understandig


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