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Subject: RE: [ws-caf] issues tracking system

Sounds good to me and many thanks for offereing to host it.
Can you propose categories/products before this is all set up.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mark Little [mailto:mark.little@arjuna.com] 
> Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2003 2:42 AM
> To: ws-caf
> Subject: [ws-caf] issues tracking system
> At the face-to-face it was agreed that I'd take a look at a 
> couple of potential ways of tracking issues against the 
> various specifications and make some recommendation for the 
> TC to consider. During the meeting we discussed the 
> possibility of using bugzilla and I said I'd take a look at 
> another issue/bug tracking piece of software I'd experience 
> with in the past. That was jitterbug, but unfortunately that 
> project is no longer active.
> I think we should consider bugzilla because it seems to offer 
> what we want. I'm more familiar with entering issues via the 
> Web form, but there is an email mechanism (apparently) that 
> allows you to submit issues in a well structured manner and 
> the system will thread replies to them appropriately. I have 
> to admit that at this point I don't have any experience with 
> the email entry mechanism, and am only going by what little I 
> have gleamed from the manuals. However, I've asked a couple 
> of people here in Arjuna to investigate and hopefully I can 
> report back to the TC later.
> In the intrim, I'd like to formalise the proposal: that the 
> TC consider using bugzilla. We (Arjuna) will be happy to host 
> and manage a public (to the TC) bugzilla server for issue 
> tracking. If this proposal is accepted, then we'll set one up 
> and populate it with some categories and components to get us 
> going. If people aren't too familiar with the bugzilla way of 
> doing things then don't worry - I will produce a brief 
> document describing it, how it is set up, with particular 
> relevance to this TCs work (so you don't need to understand 
> all of what bugzilla actually offers). It will be configured 
> to email the TC whenever an issue is entered and people can 
> track the issue by virtue of an associated link. I need to do 
> some further invesigation to see whether we can produce a 
> weekly "dump" of the issues that can perhaps be hosted on the 
> OASIS web site (e.g., a synopsis of the issues, their status 
> etc., with links back to the bugzilla site hosted at Arjuna 
> for more specific details).
> Any suggestions on this topic will be greatly appreciated. 
> Thanks to Doug for showing me the XML that WS-RM currently 
> use. Doug, as you said, this looks good for a low-volume of 
> issues. At this stage we can't really say whether WS-CAF will 
> have a low-volume or not and I think it's probably best to 
> start off defensively. I can't think of any disadvantage of 
> going the bugzilla route and it does look as though we can 
> automate a lot of what we need to do.
> Mark.
> ----
> Mark Little,
> Chief Architect, Transactions,
> Arjuna Technologies Ltd.

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