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ws-caf message

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Subject: implementers sub-group formed

Thanks for those having joined the implementer sub-group. The list comprises:

-          Simeon Greene (oracle)

-          Greg Pavlik (oracle)

-          Eric Newcomer (iona)

-          Peter Cousins (iona)

-          John Fuller (wernervas)

-          Krishna (inventicasystems)

-          Malik SAHEB (Arjuna Technologies)

-          Mark Little (Arjuna Technologies)

-          Ramesh Nagappan (Sun)

-          Guy Pardon (Atomikos)


If someone is missed please tell me.


A discussion on the demo application should be started asap within the sub-group, and then a charter or a plan (including the list of deliverables and the timing) will be established and presented to the entire ws-caf group.




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