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Subject: proposed resolution for issues 1-11

Although I think in general we should probably have one email per issue
resolution, some of the initial issues are fairly trivial to fix (I
believe), so I'll include them in a single email here.

Issue 1: add the soap namespace
Issue 2: change TimoutOutOfRangeMessage to TimeoutOutOfRangeMessage
Issue 3: add CompletionStatusSetMessage to the WSDL/schema
Issue 4: define TimeoutOutOfRangeFaultMessage
Issue 5: change CompleteWithStatustMessage to CompleteWithStatusMessage
Issue 6: change ContextRespondandtPortTypeSOAPBinding to
Issue 7: Respondant?
Issue 8: add generalFault to ContextRespondantPortTypeSOAPBinding
Issue 9: add begun PortType
Issue 10: change all wsc4c references to wsctx
Issue 11: the soapAction for completionStatusSet should be <soap:operation
tionStatusSet" style="document"/>

Does someone else want to take up the banner for 44 and 45?


Mark Little,
Chief Architect, Transactions,
Arjuna Technologies Ltd.


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