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Subject: Meeting Minutes for concall 03/08/2004

Attached are the minutes for the meeting held today.
Simeon M. Greene
Senior Member of Technical Staff

224 Strawbridge Drive
Suite 300
Moorestown NJ 08057
p. (856)914-4757
f. (856)914-4742
Meeting Notes for 03-08-2004

1) Action Points:
	i) Eric to post editorial issues 12-20.
		* Eric: Mark was supposed to do this.
		* Mark: Yes, I updated them before the F2F.

	ii) Eric contact the WSRF folks.
		* Eric: haven't done that yet.
		* Eric: discussed at the face to face but there didn't seem to be much enthusiasm.
		* This item will be closed.
	iii) Chairs identify the person who will be responsible for making sure that bugzilla contains the right issue resolution information.
		* Mark was selected.
	iv) Chairs to determine Access Control and overal security of bugzilla DB.
		* Mark to double-check whether the DB is backed up.
		* Martin: Is there any way to ensure that only CAF members have access.
		* Mark: Yes.
	v) Eric to update the FAQ.
		* Eric: didn't realize that this action was on him.
		* Eric: happy to take over the editing the FAQ.
	vi) Editors group to come up with new model.
		* Eric: have not completed the diagram.  Should be completed soon.
		* Martin: how soon is soon?
		* A UML diagram will need to be drawn up.
		* Mark: A UML diagram today may not be possible, but maybe tomorrow.
	vii) Malik to update charter.
		* Done.

	viii) Chairs to draft a statement to the WS-T Workshop.

2) Approval of Minutes.
	* Mark made notion to approve.
	* Doug second the minutes.
	* No objections to passing the minutes.

3) F2F Minutes (From Paris).
	* Martin: are we ready to accept these minutes?
	* Doug: Were my minutes sufficient.
	* Martin: No comments were made so they were probably sufficient.
	* Does any one want to make a motion to accept the minutes?
	* No one made a motion.

4) Summary of the F2F meeting.
	* Martin: Generally a good meeting.
	* Spent mornings going over some of our process and logistics.
	* It was clear that some issues being raised were related to the wsdls and schemas on the site being different from the wsdls and schemas being used by the editors.
	* An editor subgroup was set up.  This group will meet on alternate Thursdays.
	* Bugzilla usage was discussed.
	* It was decided that the status field in bugzilla to indicate issues that were approved by the group and issues that were fixed.
	* A lot of issues were reviewed.  Some issues will be discussed further today.
	* The FAQ was reviewed and edited.
	* There was a discussion on WSRF (see F2F minutes).
	*  There was a presentation by Jean-Jacques on XSI and XDI and how these can possibly be used in WS-CTX.
	* No conclusion was made on XSI and XDI.
	* Peter Furnis gave a presentation on some of his concerns with Context and Coordination (see F2F minutes).
	* The Implementation Subgroup was discussed.
	* The Demo application was discussed.
	* There was a discussion on liasons.
	* There was a discussion on what this group should say to the IBM/Microsoft meeting coming up this week.
	* There was a discussion on the upcoming F2F meetings.  The next meeting is in April, and the one after that is the week of June 14th on the West Coast.

5) Ratification of Issues from F2F.
	-  Issue 15
		* Mark moved to accept.
		* malik seconds.
		* Issue closed.
	- Issue 68 (removal of schema and WSDL from the specs.)	
		* Mark moved to accept.
		* malik seconds.
		* Issue closed.
	- A request was made during the F2F that sequence diagrams should be created to show all interactions.
		* Mark moved to accept.
		* Simeon seconds.
		* This issue is carried forward.
	- Issue 43
		* Mark moved to accept.
		* Brian seconds.
		* Issue closed.
	- Approval of revised Implementation Group Charter (per the decisions made in the F2F)
		* Simeon moves to approve.
		* Mark seconds.
		* Carried.

6) Statement to the WS-T workshop.
	* (See email by Eric Newcomber)
	* Suggest that there be a discussion with IBM/MS/BEA on how the specs in CAF can be merged with WS-T/WS-C.
	* Martin: I don't recall discussing that whether they join forces with us or not that they at least separate Context as is done in WS-CAF.
	* Eric: No... this was a suggestion to point out the major differences and recommend a way of being compatible without necessary working together.
	* Martin suggested new wording which Eric accepted.
	* Eric will send out a new email with the new wording.
	* Eric will be the only member attending.
	* Eric will represent WS-CAF as co-chair.
	* New Action: Eric will send out new wording.


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