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Subject: Meeting notes 3-22-2004

As per Alastair's request, I transcribed the questions that were raised 
on our unofficial conference call for the record. Eric also added some 
detail. We will attempt to address them in the next draft of the model.

1)    There is some confusion over the last paragraph in the first 
section (Activities and Contexts): specifically how does the begin 
operation relate to nesting? The last sentence of said paragraph implies 
contexts can be used to supply ALS configuration information, whereas 
other parts of the spec suggest that a begin in a context generates a 
parent-child (nested) relationship.

In general, there was concern that the spec should be clearer on the 
fact that there can be multiple begins and what happens when there are. 
Is there a context per activity?  Is there always a single context or 
nested contexts? The begin assigns context?  Is sharing context possible 
without an activity?

2) Are the protocol identifier, ALS configuration identifier, etc. all  
the same thing?

3)  Should "web service operations performed" be changed to "web 
services operation invocations" in the first sentence.

4 ) If the ALS is an optional implementation technique, does it make 
sense to expose it in the application interoperability layer (ie, 
what'sin the context should be independent of how the ALS is configured).

5) the diagram appears to have a mistake: should the context and the 
activity identifier be related in a bi-directional one to one 
relationship?  Is there really a one-to-one relationship between 
activity identifier and context?

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