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Subject: Re : [ws-dd-comment] [SOAP-over-UDP] comment on WSDL binding

Title: [ws-dd-comment] [SOAP-over-UDP] comment on WSDL binding
Dear Mr Regnier,

Thank you for your answer,

> The Technical Committee reviewed your comment and concluded it is a duplicate of issue 006.

Indeed it was a duplicate. Sorry for this ; I hadn't read issue 006 beforehand.

>We would like to encourage you to join the TC and participate, to work on this issue.

I will follow from far (i.e. through the mailing list).
Thanks again for the work produced by this TC.

Best regards,

Sylvain MARIE

De : Alain Regnier <alain@ricoh-tech.com>
À : Sylvain Marié <sylvainmarie2@yahoo.fr>; ws-dd-comment@lists.oasis-open..org
Cc : ws-dd@lists.oasis-open.org
Envoyé le : Vendredi, 3 Avril 2009, 12h34mn 59s
Objet : RE: [ws-dd-comment] [SOAP-over-UDP] comment on WSDL binding

Dear Mr Marié,
Thank you very much for submitting your comment regarding the WSDL binding for SOAP-over-UDP during the current public review period. It was assigned issue number PR006 for tracking purpose.
The Technical Committee reviewed your comment and concluded it is a duplicate of issue 006. Issue 006 has been deferred and the Technical Committee agreed to reconsider it in the next version of DPWS.
Because it is a duplicate of issue 006, issue PR006 has been dropped.
We would like to encourage you to join the TC and participate, to work on this issue.
Thanks again for reviewing the documents.
Best regards,

Alain Regnier
Co-Chair, OASIS WS-DD Technical Committee

From: Sylvain Marié [mailto:sylvainmarie2@yahoo.fr]
Sent: Mon 3/16/2009 10:45 AM
To: ws-dd-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ws-dd-comment] [SOAP-over-UDP] comment on WSDL binding

Hi everyone,

First of all thank you for all the work done in this WS-DD TC. As a Web Services and DPWS user, I am particularly happy that many little annoying things are now disambiguated in DPWS. In particular several of these made our work very difficult when we wrote the "DPWS for OSGi" specification in 2007 (OSGi RFP-86, the RFC has not been made public).

Anyway, I was a bit surprised that the brand new SOAP-over-UDP specification does not provide the only missing building block for using it easily in current Web Service engines: the WSDL binding. Indeed WSDL-driven code generators are widely used, and there is no doubt that standardising a WSDL binding would ease implementation of the DPWS standard in most public engines - thus enforcing interoperability.

I don't know for the C world, but on the java side, there are already examples of "request for binding" that would solve quite a few interoperability issues and improve the overall developper's experience. See e.g. JSON or JMS bindings to name a few. One could argue that these transport protocols are a bit 'out of scope' of the core web services intent. But it is definitely not the case for SOAP-over-UDP, and DPWS proves that the need is real.

I hope that this TC will help building a simpler and easier-to-get web service vision, for devices.
Best regards.

Sylvain MARIE


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