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Subject: RE: [ws-dd] Geoff Bullen


Geoff - -thanks for all of your hard work with this TC, especially for the extra work it takes to be secretary.  Hopefully we’ll hear from you occasionally…


(Weird…I thought they had phones in Denmark. Oh well. J)




From: Toby Nixon [mailto:Toby.Nixon@microsoft.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 06, 2009 3:00 PM
To: ws-dd@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ws-dd] Geoff Bullen


Dear WS-DD members:


It’s with some sadness that I inform you that Geoff Bullen will no longer be able to actively participate as a member of our committee. He’s accepted a new position within Microsoft, and will be moving soon to Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a great opportunity for Geoff, but a loss for us. Geoff informs me that he’ll continue to be a member of WS-DD and follow our discussions when he can, but won’t be attending often enough to maintain voting member status. I know you all join me in wishing Geoff and his family much success and prosperity in the future as they undertake this new adventure!


Best regards,


            -- Toby


Toby Nixon  |  Senior Standards Program Manager  |  Windows Device and Storage Technologies  |  Microsoft Corporation

toby.nixon@microsoft.com  |  www.microsoft.com | V: +1 425 706 2792  |  M: +1 206 790 6377  |  F: +1 425 708 4811


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