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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Clarification on base retransmission interval

*Title*: RM Policy Assertion Model's Base Retransmission Interval
Clarification Needed

The RM policy assertion model defines InactivityTimeout  and
BaseRetransmissionInterval. The text in the specification WS-RM Policy (Page
5) implies that these two parameters are essentially serving the same
purpose i.e. to trigger a retransmit based on a timeout value. If this is
the intention, the spec needs to clarify the pecking order for an
implementation i.e. what if timeout occurs before base retransmission
interval has expired. 

There is no obvious case mentioned in the spec that requires two timers for
retransmission upon timeout. 

*Target*: (core | soap | wsdl | policy | schema | all)

*Type: *(design | editorial)


1) Merge the two into one timer called Retransmission Timeout. 

*Related issues*:


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