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Subject: Action Item # 1014


The editors took an action [1] during 1st sept meeting to propose a 
resolution for issue 'proposed-02' (which is now issue i031 [3]). I took 
ownership of the action on behalf of the editors.

My recollection of the action was for the editors to figure out how to 
resolve this (there are only two ways to do this -- either change the 
spec text to match the schema OR change the schema to match the spec 
text) as it was considered editorial. But I don't see that in the 
minutes [2]. In fact the minutes ask the editors to propose a resolution 
that the TC can vote on.

I also see that Chris has made a formal proposal subsequently [4] on 
14th sept. I would therefore like to propose that the TC accept Chris' 
proposal to resolve this issue.

I would gladly accept an action to include the proposal in the editor's 
draft, if the TC accepts it.



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