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Subject: Question about resolution of issue i090

I have a question on the resolution of issue i090 as recorded at 

The resolution restricts the offered sequence to a single EPR. This 
constraints/conflicts with the resolution of an issue (can't recall the 
issue number) that introduced that following text at line 139-140 (in 

"Note that this specification makes no restriction on the scope of the 
RM Source or RM Destination entities. For example, either may span 
multiple WSDL Ports or endpoints."

The intent of that resolution was to allow RMD and RMS to span multiple 
WSDL endpoints, EPRs etc. Was this conflict discussed during the 
concall? At least in the minutes this is not captured. If it was 
discussed, can someone post the rationale for reverting the previous 
decision? Was there any discussion on making 
/wsrm:CreateSequence/wsrm:Offer/wsrm:Endpoint optional?



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