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Subject: Amendment to Microsoft/IBM proposal for i122-i124

I would like to propose the attached amendment to the Microsoft/IBM
proposal. This material is presented as a set of additions and changes
to the version of the Microsoft/IBM proposal posted here:

This amendment seeks to accomplish the following:

1.) Support the use of SSL/TLS to protect Sequences against spoofing

2.) Render (1) in a way that does not require implementations to
understand STR's and their various referencing mechanisms, processing
rules, etc.

2.) Define a WS-Policy assertion that specifies a requirement to bind
Sequences to SSL/TLS sessions.

- gp

p.s. The general notion of this amendment could also apply to the
Oracle/SAP proposal posted here
though, obviously, the specific wording would have to change.

Securing RM Sequences - BEA ammend - 100706.doc

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