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Subject: Removal of MC from RM spec

I removed MakeConnection from the RM spec, this involved:
- deleting sections 3.10(MC), and 3.11(MessagePending)
- deleting section 4.9 - Unsupported Selection Fault
- deleting the MC/MP specific xml from the schema and wsdl
- deleting the MC-specific state tables
- deleting appendix C.6 - the MC example
And the docs in Kavi have been updated.

Open question:
- There is still one reference to MC (in the /wsrm:CreateSequence/wsrm:Offer/wsrm:Endpoint definition):
    Implementations MAY use the WS-MakeConnection anonymous URI template and
    doing so implies that messages will be retrieved using a mechanism such as
    the MakeConnection message.

  I think this is related to issue 27. I don't think it makes a lot of sense to
  require all specs that define an EPR to explicitly have to mention MC or the
  MCanonURI unless there's something unique about their EPR - which is not the
  case for RM's EPR (IMO).  To that end, I'd like to propose that we remove
  the above text.


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