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Subject: Action items that can be closed

I believe the following logistical AI's can now be closed as they have been handled (I handled AI-2006-02-15-05 and ai-06 earlier today):

# ai-06 -
      Chairs to hold a F2F attendance ballot starting Mar 1 and closing at least two weeks before the F2F.
# ai-2006-01-25-04 -
      Tony Nadalin will look into the possibility of
      hosting an interop event at the April F2F location
# ai-2006-02-08-03 -
      Marc Goodner to post WS-SX issue template to TC
      site and Chairs to put it in a prominent location to make it easier to
# ai-2006-02-08-04 -
      TC members to review the initial interop scenarios
      by the Feb 15 TC meeting so that the TC can decide at that meeting
      whether the TC has "critical mass" for an Apr F2F interop event.
   # AI-2006-02-15-03 -
      C.Y Chao to propose to the TC whether Issue 015 should
      be closed or not due to revealing the information might be a security
# AI-2006-02-15-05 -
      Chairs to add information to the public page on how to
      access previous versions of the Issues List.


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