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Subject: SP with 2nd PR issues resolutions applied

I did not change the status of the doc. I did change the date so it is clear this is a new copy. I’ve uploaded clean and diff versions from the PR at these locations.


Doc clean:


Doc with diff from 2nd PR:



Pdf clean:


Pdf with diff from 2nd PR:



Here are the details on where the changes are in the doc and pdf versions listed above.



section 1.4.1 -- line 129
The text appears to be truncated. The RFC reference is omitted.

Proposal: Add the RFC 2119 reference.

MG: Applied, line 93 in the doc version, 131 in pdf.


sections 5.2.1, 5.2.2 -- lines 727, 732:
It references attribute, while it is talking about an element.

Proposal: Change "attribute" to "element".

MG: Applied, lines 691/692 and  696/697 in the doc version, 729/730 and 734/735 in the pdf.


section 5.2.4 -- line 752 :
Strange text "to as multiple tokens as it sees fit."

Proposal: Change text "to as many tokens as it sees fit." Or change to ", and apply to as many tokens as it sees fit."

MG: Applied, line 716 in the doc version, 754 in pdf.


section 5.4.1 -- line 832 :
Slash "/" is missing.
Proposal: Add "/" before "sp:Issuer".

MG: Applied, line 796 in the doc version, 834 in pdf.

Note, I also removed an extraneous space after this line, 799/837 in doc/pdf.


section 5.4.7 -- line 1255:
wsp:Policy is now required, and its contents are optional. But the "?" is in the wrong place.
Proposal: Put the "?" on line 1257 rather than on line 1255.

MG: Applied, line 1211, 1213 in the doc version, 1249, 1251 in pdf.


sections 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 -- lines 2297, 2352, 2409:
Spurious "|" symbol.
Proposal: Delete the "|" symbol or add ellipses after it "...".

MG: Applied, lines 2246, 2301, 2358 in the doc version, 2284, 2339, 2396 in the pdf.


section 10.1 -- line 2773 :
Confusing text.
Proposal: Clarify the text "element is a policy assertion indicates", maybe by adding "that" before "indicates".

MG: Applied, line 2721 in the doc version, 2759 in pdf.



section 5.2.2 -- line 733:
verb usage
Proposal: Replace "points" with "pointing"

MG: Applied, line 697 in the doc version, 735 in pdf.


section 5.4.11 -- line 1552 :
plural agreement
Proposal: Replace "by another specifications" with "in other specifications"

MG: Applied, line 1501 in doc version, 1539 in pdf.


section 8.6 -- line 2460 :
only modifies when, not used
Proposal: Replace "only used when" with "used only when"

MG: Applied, line 2409 in the doc version, 2447 in pdf.

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