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Subject: Minutes Mar 4, 2009 WS-SX TC Call

1. Call to order/roll call 

Meeting Attendees
 Name   Company,Status

 Henry (Hyenvui) Chung   IBM,Group Member
 Kelvin Lawrence   IBM,Group Member
 Anthony Nadalin   IBM,Group Member
 Bruce Rich   IBM,Group Member
 Mike Lyons   Layer 7 Technologies Inc.*,Group Member

 Geoff Bullen   Microsoft Corporation,Group Member
 Marc Goodner   Microsoft Corporation,Group Member
 Chris Kaler   Microsoft Corporation,Group Member
 Frederick Hirsch   Nokia Corporation*,Group Member
 Srinath Godavarthi   Nortel,Group Member

 Symon Chang   Oracle Corporation,Group Member
 Rich Levinson   Oracle Corporation,Group Member
 Hal Lockhart   Oracle Corporation,Group Member
 Corinna Witt   Oracle Corporation,Group Member
 Martin Raepple   SAP AG*,Group Member

 Don Adams   TIBCO Software Inc.,Group Member
 David Staggs   Veterans Health Administration,Group Member

  we have quorum: 15/24

Gained voting status:

Lost Voting Status:
 Toshihiro Nishimura
 Lloyd Burch
 Steve Carter
 Denis Pilipchuk

Meeting Statistics:
 Quorum rule: 51% of voting members
 Achieved quorum: true
 Counts toward voter eligibility: true
 Individual Attendance: Members: 17 of 131 (12%) 
 Voting Members: 15 of 24 (62%) (used for quorum calculation) 
 Company Attendance: Companies: 9 of 47 (19%) 
 Voting Companies: 7 of 9 (77%) 

2a. Reading/Approving minutes from January 7th 2009  

  approved no objection

2b. Reading/Approving minutes from February 4th 2009 

  approved no objection

3. TC Logistics (10 minutes or less) 

  Kelvin: nothing this week, consider below when next call

4. Issues list  

  Marc: should be up to date, according to oasis

- Actions
- Issues 

 1 new
  ER019   standalone wsdl file
 ->  Action: Marc: needs to check errata and file, make bug fix

 1 review
  IC0172  typos in policy examples
    Updated doc sent out before Feb 4 call, no comments rcvd
    No comments now

5. Status of documents and OASIS Standard submissions

   Marc: posted update to errata; headings, dates (cover pg chg tx->sx) 
    Kelvin: errata process fairly new
    Hal: need to take 3 votes
    Marc: last call error on cover page found - undid approval
    Kelvin: need to approve as approved errata: majority, not eballot
    Marc: jan 7 minutes have history, just need to move updated wsdl
    Marc: motion would be: update wsdl as per ER019
    Kelvin: majority vote
   Marc G moved:
    Hal L seconded:
    Approved no objection

   Next item:
     Hal: move: request vote to move examples doc to committee draft
      Kelvin: any issues
      Rich: seconds

     Kelvin: any discussion? no
      Any objection?
       No objection
      Moved and approved: 
       examples document is now approved to be moved to cd

 -> Action: Rich to put doc in CD form w URL

     Hal: recommends public review of doc
      Marc: to get to CS need to get public review
      Kelvin: once we have URL
      Chris: need a place on site to put it

    Hal: move to have public review
     Frederick second
     Motion carried: 
      No objection

    Kelvin: once CD w URL from Rich will send to Mary
      then will move for public comments

     (Action: contact Mary (after above addressed))

6. Other business 

   Kelvin: next meeting? 
 ->  Action: chairs:
       cancel 3/18
       set next meeting 4/1

7. Adjournment 

	adjourned 10:34 AM

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