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Subject: Re: [wsbpel-spec-edit] notes from call on Dec 20

Title: Re: [wsbpel-spec-edit] notes from call on Dec 20

Ok, thank you.

On 12/21/05 3:41 AM, "Mehta, Vinkesh (US - Austin)" <vmehta@DELOITTE.com> wrote:

I am done with 82.2 changes.

Alexandre, you may now take the pen.


From: Prasad Yendluri [mailto:pyendluri@webmethods.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 12:22 PM
To: Diane Jordan; Alexandre Alves
Cc: wsbpel-spec-edit@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [wsbpel-spec-edit] notes from call on Dec 20

Not an issue for me. We can do the upload after Alexandre is done.


Diane Jordan wrote:

Hi Alexandre,
Thanks, we assumed you were in transit somewhere.    
If you are ok to do the upload late Wed or Thurs, lets  wait and capture 230 and 233 before we do the upload.   
Thanks to you both and Vinky for helping get this  wrapped up this week.  
Regards, Diane
IBM  Emerging Internet  Software Standards
(919)254-7221 or  8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123, Fax 845-491-5709

Alexandre Alves <aalves@bea.com> <mailto:aalves@bea.com>  12/20/2005 12:49 PM     


Diane  Jordan/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS  


<wsbpel-spec-edit@lists.oasis-open.org> <mailto:wsbpel-spec-edit@lists.oasis-open.org>   


Re: [wsbpel-spec-edit]  notes from call on Dec 20

Hi Diane,

I had just called into the BPEL edit TC  meeting when I saw the email changing the meeting time. I am out of the  office, hence I have not had the chance to check my emails regularly. I  apologize for missing the meeting.

Nonetheless, I can still work on  editing of issues 230 and 233 today or tomorrow. I can still take the pen from  Vinky today (or when it is available) and finish it latest by tomorrow, so  that Prasad is still able to upload the draft in a timely  form.


On 12/20/05 3:17 PM, "Diane  Jordan" <drj@us.ibm.com> <mailto:drj@us.ibm.com>   wrote:

Assaf, Prasad, Vinky and I  attended.
Vinky will complete 82.2 today and let us know so Prasad can  upload the new draft to the web site.  I will ask Alex to also upload the  schema.  When the spec is uploaded, I will send a note to the TC  reminding them to start the review process for the f2f meeting on Jan 10-12.     

Due to vacation plans, we did not assign any more work  items.  
Our next meeting will be 12:30 Jan 3, 2006 - we will work on  a new assignment list at that call.   

Many thanks to all of you  who have contributed to the editing over the course of the TC and best wishes  for whichever combination of holidays you celebrate at this time of year.   Stay well and we'll talk in the new year.    

Regards,  Diane
IBM  Emerging Internet Software Standards
(919)254-7221 or  8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123, Fax 845-491-5709

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