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Subject: Re: Have we applied second resolution of Issue 123 to spec text yet?

I agree, it seems that both
   123 - http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/wsbpel/200512/msg00074.html
   223 -
are not yet done, and it makes sense to me addressing them together.

Kind Regards
 Dieter König                                Mail: dieterkoenig@de.ibm.com         IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH
 Senior Technical Staff Member               Tel (office): (+49) 7031-16-3426      Schönaicher Strasse 220
 Architect, Business Process Choreographer   Fax (office): (+49) 7031-16-4890      71032 Böblingen
 Member, Technical Expert Council            Tel (home office): (+49) 7032-201464  Germany

             Alex Yiu                                                  
             com>                                                       To
             01.03.2006 00:30          rg                              
                                       Diane Jordan <drj@us.ibm.com>,  
                                       Chris Keller                    
                                       , Alex Yiu <alex.yiu@oracle.com>,
                                       Dieter Koenig1/Germany/IBM@IBMDE
                                       Have we applied second resolution
                                       of Issue 123 to spec text yet?  

Hi fellow editor members,

I am trying to prepare the spec text for Issue 241. (That will include a
minor tweaking of Issue 123's second resolution). And, I was trying to
searching text like "IMA" or "This resolution follows the same scoping
rules" in the doc. But, I cannot find it.

It seems to me that we have not applied second resolution of Issue 123 yet
(propoosed by Chris) yet (?!).

I think that explains why DK discovered the missingReply description is
completely missing after restructuring. During my restructuring, I was
expecting Issue 123 will cover the missingReply desc (See Note [AY19]:
"... A new resolution of Issue 123 will update that part of text as well."

Anyhow ...  let's confirm whether we got Issue 123 applied.

If not, we may want to apply Issue 223 as well.
Resolution of Issue 223 amends resolution of Issue 123 in a minor way.


Alex Yiu

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