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Subject: Re: [wsbpel-uc] UN/CEFACT Material

Sally St. Amand wrote:

> Hi all-
> I am forwarding the text and attachments that David Webber was kind 
> enough to send to me.
> Harvey, what you are calling the business eco system the BCM group is 
> labeling "context". And I think you are both saying essentially the 
> same thing: you have to start from a business perspective and you need 
> to understand the business and all the interrelationships of the business.
> While that is obvious to many people it needs to be state to insure 
> everyone is starts there and has the same perspective. Your document 
> does that. Whether the players, their roles, the relationships are 
> seen the same way is for discussion. Just are you & Monica have 
> recently demonstrated.
> At some point a document (template) to guide a broader audience's 
> thinking toward the same view is generally helpful.
> I was trying to do that with the template I sent out. And I was hoping 
> to have just a single template with links so that the "drill down" 
> from the abstract use cases to the more executable use cases to those 
> that are indisputably executable use cases.
> To me your Supply Chain is the eco system (the context) for use cases 
> that we need to identify and develop in order to design and exercise 
> the BPEL spec. The Supply Chain is a concept; it is a very abstract 
> use case. At the other extreme is "add an Item" which I think is 
> outside the scope of the BPEL spec but represents the other end point.
mm1: Sally, I would caution that when you look at the high-level 
business entities that are referenced within UN/CEFACT and BCM, they may 
or may not be a legal entity in the context you have cited in our usage 
scenarios. And, they are several layers of technology, definition and 
interactions in between.  Shouldn't we be breaking these into constructs 
that are most relevant to and will exercise BPEL specifically not in 
general? Otherwise, BPEL may not be as concentrated on its area of 
expertise. My point is to stay focused on what BPEL can do well. Thanks.

> What we want to do is identify use cases in the supply chain eco 
> system that will exercise the spec. With an emphasis on those aspects 
> of the specification that seem the problematic or will really 
> demonstrate the strength of the spec.
> Besides the Supply Chain eco system we should identify another eco 
> system to test if the players (actors), relationships, etc will work 
> in another context. We need labels that convey the message across many 
> constituencies, i.e. developers, analysts, many business types.
> I plan to look at the material from UN/CEFACT & bpel use case and 
> check for the commonalities.

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