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Subject: Re: [wsbpel-uc] Docs for use case work

Harvey Reed wrote:

> John,
> Attached are two docs, as a follow-up of my F2F action items. The 
> first is a WORD doc proposing the first in a series of additions of 
> explanative text to the catalogue to make it more user-friendly. The 
> second is a PPT of some diagrams that can help our internal UC 
> discussions, as well as possibly be used in the catalogue as well.
mm1: Sorry I was unable to attend Harvey due to international travel.  
However, on the web services you cite, we are not decomposing down to 
the services used for each or across business entities within an 
enterprise.  For example, there may be many internal processes required 
to interact across multiple interfaces of an enterprise application or 
endpoint to facilitate the generation of a purchase order that is a 
result of a sales order that is based on inputs on inventory level 
checks, warehouse deliveries, etc.

I do not see that granularity here, nor would I expect it by looking 
solely at simple-eb.  However, we have to decompose to a level that we 
can understand how process automation in an environment using 
orchestration can be most effectively used.  I suggest we consider 
getting to that level of definition, as it is an integration point 
demanded by the marketplace.

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