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Subject: [wsbpel-uc] Definition of "Entity"

Here's what I think could be a good way to define our concept of an entity
"An entity is any legal or functional component of a business or an organization. Examples of legal entities may include  the entire organization, divisions within an organization, roles such as buyer, seller etc... while functional entities could be specific departments within a legal entity like accounting department or human resources. This is different from the UN/CEFACT definition of a business entity which is defined in the UMM specification as "the subject of Business Collaboration Activities that have independent identity" or  a concept representing the data that is shared in the collaborative domain between two trading partners.Examples of UN/CEFACT business entities could be purchase orders, trade-items etc." 
Hope this is self-explanatory, please let me know if you want any part of this text changed.
thank you
Rajesh Manglani
XML Systems Analyst
Uniform Code Council
609 620 4521

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