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Subject: 11/14/2003: Use Case Catalog - simple-eb

In reviewing the use case catalog to date, I see we may need to 
clarify/understand some of the aspects of Simple-eb and how this affects 
some of the assumptions in WS-BPEL. For example:

    * Data alignment: If you take the premises of Global Data
      Synchronization and data alignment, it is somewhat assumed that a
      'pool' of data relevant to the related parties prior to any
      message interchange. Therefore, the actual message exchange may be
      limited to the changed data assumed by the parties or the relevant
      data specific to that interaction. Therefore this may not align
      with the assumptions made with correlation sets unless instance
      specific details are exchanged that allow that correlation.
      Something to think about.  The actual message exchanges could be
      limited to a finite data set and not representative of what we
      typically see in automated message exchange (although you may be
      able to model the interactions at an abstract level).
    * BPSS implementation: Can you explain how Simple-eb could be mapped
      to the BPSS implementation based on the V20030922 UMM metamodel or
      user guide? The Simple-eb work and subsequent BPSS implementation
      occurred prior to that release. Perhaps you can explain.


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