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Subject: re: [wsbpel] Issue - 11 - Editing 9.3.1


OK - this pretty much covers off the Simple Case #1
from my earlier email.

Trouble is we know the real world is ugly and people
are going to try and do Complex Case #2 with this toolset
too - et al.

And once you go beyond Simple Case #1 - you are
definately into the territory that the OASIS CAM TC was
setup to deal with.

So I'd like to further propose - since I liked the ideas in
the XML structure extension you sent round earlier - that
we make this generalized - so that you can invoke 
a process to handle more sophisticated interchange
needs - in addition to just XSLT - that way we have all
the bases covered.

Thanks, DW.

p.s. I won't ask if you write code like your email suggests! ; -)
Message text written by INTERNET:ygoland@bea.com
>       This e-mail therefore proposes that: 
                * The rules in 9.3.1 be altered so that the validation
requirement read that the XML instance from the source must be valid
the schema of the destination regardless of the source's schema.
                * It be legal to copy entire messages of different types so
long as the message structure and parts names of the source match the
message structure and part names of the destination and the XML instance
associated with each part in the source matches the schema in the matching
part in the destination.
                * A new fault be introduced that would be thrown if a copy
is attempted where the source's XML instance is not valid against the
destination's schema.
                * The validation rules described in the three previous
points be allowed for use with input/output variables for
receive/invoke/reply. That is, one can submit an input/output variable
message type is not identical to the message type of the associated
operation so long as the type of the variable submitted is valid as defined
in the previous three points.

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