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Subject: Regrets - Re: [wsbpel] WS BPEL TC Call - Agenda for Aug. 20

On vacation.

At 03:19 PM 8/15/2003, Diane Jordan wrote:

>Please note - if you are willing to take notes for the call, please let us 
>know.  THANKS !
>  Proposed agenda for our call Aug. 20:
>- Roll call/determine quorum
>- Review minutes from previous meetings
>- Nomination/volunteers to take minutes for this call
>- Review agenda
>- Use case subgroup report
>- Liaison subgroup report:  There is a proposal to establish a liaison 
>with the CEFACT BPWG BCF group that we will vote on if there is 
>quorum.  Wording will be distributed by eod Mon.
>- Requirements and Issues Coordination subgroup report
>- Issue discussion candidates:  45 (Danny v.), 47 (Kevin Liu), 44 (Mike 
>Marin), 23 (Bernd Eckenfels), 11 (Danny van der Rijn w/Yaron Goland and 
>Chris Keller), update on 39 (Ugo Corda).
>We've asked these folks to provide a summary and/or proposal by Monday for 
>the TC to preview.   This is a bit more than we've previously planned for 
>one meeting, but we're advised that they may not all be ready so we'll go 
>with the ones that are.  We should plan to limit discussion time to about 
>15 min/issue.
>- Specification Editing subgroup report - deferred since no actions have 
>been approved for the specification.
>- Implementation subgroup report - deferred since subgroup hasn't been 
>established yet.
>- Additional items/new business:  Suggestions for Sept. f2f agenda.
>Regards, Diane and John

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