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Subject: WS BPEL TC Call - Agenda for Aug. 20

Please note - if you are willing to take notes for the call, please let us know.  THANKS !
 Proposed agenda for our call Aug. 20:
- Roll call/determine quorum

- Review minutes from previous meetings

- Nomination/volunteers to take minutes for this call

- Review agenda  

- Use case subgroup report

- Liaison subgroup report:  There is a proposal to establish a liaison with the CEFACT BPWG BCF group that we will vote on if there is quorum.  Wording will be distributed by eod Mon.  

- Requirements and Issues Coordination subgroup report

- Issue discussion candidates:  45 (Danny v.), 47 (Kevin Liu), 44 (Mike Marin), 23 (Bernd Eckenfels), 11 (Danny van der Rijn w/Yaron Goland and Chris Keller), update on 39 (Ugo Corda).  
We've asked these folks to provide a summary and/or proposal by Monday for the TC to preview.   This is a bit more than we've previously planned for one meeting, but we're advised that they may not all be ready so we'll go with the ones that are.  We should plan to limit discussion time to about 15 min/issue.  
- Specification Editing subgroup report - deferred since no actions have been approved for the specification.  
- Implementation subgroup report - deferred since subgroup hasn't been established yet.    

- Additional items/new business:  Suggestions for Sept. f2f agenda.  

Regards, Diane and John

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