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Subject: Proposed liaison with CEFACT BPWG BCF effort

The liaison subgroup met with the chair of the CEFACT BPWG group, Dave Walsh, last week to discuss a potential liaison with the Business Collaboration Framework (BCF) effort in that group.   I've posted an overview of BCF that John Evedemon on our web site at:  

Based on the objectives of the BCF effort, it seems a liaison to maintain awareness of the status in both groups is worth considering and if there is quorum at the call this Wed., Aug. 20, we will present the following motion.  If not, we will post this as a ballot on the website after Sept.1.  


We move to establish a liaison with the CEFACT BPWG BCF group to:
1) enable a communications path between the groups
2) provide a focal point for monitoring status and planning any possible joint activities.

The WS BPEL TC member to be named by the TC and selected by vote of the TC will:
1) act as the liaison and communicate to the TC the status of the ongoing
interactions with the CEFACT BPWG BCF group via the Minutes Document as well
as reports during the Conference Call.

2) Will bring motions to the TC as appropriate regarding any specific action the TC may wish to take relative to this liaison.

3) Ensure that the cross committee interactions conform to the OASIS Liaison Policy.

Note, we will select a volunteer to act as liaison separately.  In order to avoid conflict of interest, the CEFACT BPWG chair has requested that we select a liaison who is not a current member of the BCF group, but who is willing to join their group as an observer to fulfill this role.   Similarly, they plan to select a representative from their group who will join the WS BPEL TC as an observer.  We've verified with the Oasis staff that this meets the liaison policy.  

Regards, Diane
IBM  Dynamic e-business Technologies
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123

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