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Subject: Issue - 11 Your opinion requested

At the conference call this morning, I presented issue 11 as it has progressed so far.  The current state is that there are 2 proposals on the table, both of which are equivalent in terms of what they accomplish, but we don't need both of them.  The desire is that we get some feedback from the TC as to which avenue to pursue, so that we can flush out one of them, and present it to the TC for a vote.  Links to the issues are below.  If you have any opinon at all, please respond to this mail with AT LEAST +A/-A +B/-B so we can gauge reactions to the proposals.  If you want to share reasons for your opinion, that is welcome, too.  Note that you should take these proposals as partially-baked.  We plan to refine the "winning" proposal into one that is spec-worthy.
On the call and in email since the summaries were posted, there has been some discussion.  I have linked the email point here, and I hope that those who expressed support for either option (I believe it was just Yaron, but I could be wrong) will repeat them in email for posterity.  Unfortunately, Chris Keller was not on the call at the time of discussion, and I was unable to present his proposal with the clarity that he would have, so the discussion may have been skewed in favor of my proposal.  If that occurred, it was certainly not my intention to bias the discussion.
The hope is that we will get a sense of direction by the next conference call, and failing that, at the September face to face.  Putting the issue to a Kavi ballot for a sense of direction was also raised (by Monica Martin?), since that would force those who cared to state their opinion.

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